Video: Rawlings wouldn’t have died if he was in the US for treatment – Twene Jonas

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Now, it’s no news that Rawlings is dead and Twene Jonas has added his voice to the buzz.

To his best knowledge and experience, Rawlings’ case would have been dealt with if he was in the States where access to the very best health is assured any day and any time.

He noted that the standard of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital where Rawlings lost his breath is so bad, therefore, he’s not surprised that the former president lost his life less than a week on admission at Korle-Bu.

As a reminder, Twene Jonas aged between 26 – 30 is arguably the most popular Ghanaian on the internet as we speak.

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He has relocated to the United States of America and is well-known for trolling Ghana, its people and its leaders and has an opinion on almost every single thing which he calls ‘his truth!’.

In the eyes of Twene Jonas, Ghanaian leaders are just lazy, dumb, & selfish, hence the country’s inability to develop at a reasonable pace despite having all the needed resources.

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To Jonas, Ghana, when compared to the United States of America is nothing but a farm, whiles U.S.A is the true heaven God probably talked about in the bible.

Video Below:

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