(+VIDEO) Samini joins Hopeson Adorye to attack Twene Jonas for always bashing Akufo-Addo

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Ghanaian Dancehall musician, Samini, has sent a word of advice to Twene for always attacking Akufo Addo and other top government officials.

Twene Jonas has been trending for his popular #glassnkoaa mantra that seeks to denigrate Ghanaian leaders and the standard of living of Ghanaians.

Joining Hopeson Adorye and other Ghanaians who are not in support of his harsh criticisms, Samini called out Twene Jonas and accused him of painting the country black and exaggerating about how things are done and the real-life in America.

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Samini shared a video of a rat gallivanting in America’s airport, saying that Ghanaians would even find it hard to believe that the rat was in the American airport because of how Twene Jonas has projected the country.

He wrote: “Ghanaman won’t believe this actually happens in the #glassnkoaa LOL. B3biaa njuuuy3oo minuaa. Rats are inside the abrofo airport wai. Face fact in your submission as we all try to make GH better and stop the exaggerated stories. plz”

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Watch the video below;

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4au7hr15k8&w=696&h=392]

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