Video: See Pappy Kojo’s Pretty Kid Sister Who Just Returned To Ghana After 14 Years

Pappy Kojo is on top of his game currently,performing at every big show in the country and keeping his hustle real. I guess his money box will be very heavy these days. To become a top notch artiste,one has to bag all the opportunities that will come his or her way,hence Pappy isn’t letting go of any chance at all.

He is the artiste of the moment,performing at most events and one of his latest songs,”Awoa”,is the tune of the moment.

Do you know Pappy Kojo has a kid sister? Oh yes, he does. Trust me,she is very pretty,charming,and has very good “assets”. Lol

 They probably do look alike but I think Pappy Kojo left some of his freshness in his mum’s womb for his sister because she is too fine.

I couldn’t be selfish to have a feel of Pappy and his kid sister going for a ride so I decided to make our cherished readers have a feel too. Anyway,don’t fall for her after watching this video because you wouldn’t want me to curse you(my eyes dey inside ruff).


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