(+VIDEO) Solace Akankisim Acquah Opens Up About How Cancer Inspired Her To Become A Bald Model

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Fast rising Ghanaian model and entrepreneur, Solace Akankisim Acquah has finally explained the reason why she decided to go bald.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with GhBase TV, Solace narrated how her brother died of cancer at the age of 23 while she was still in the tertiary.

Solace and Adwoa

According to Solace, her brother’s death was so traumatizing that she decided to shave her head to honor him on her 23rd birthday.

The beautiful bald model added that, most models in Ghana are used to the one style of modeling which involves using of wigs from all brands but she wanted to stand out and not follow the crowd.

” I’ve always wanted to be different and I don’t always follow the crowd. I felt that aside honoring my brother, becoming a bald model will also make me unique and I will always stand out”. She explained.

Touching on if she would be a bald model for life, Solace emphatically stated that she isn’t ever going to rescind on her decision because this is something she wants to do forever.

When asked if she is always bald even in town, Solace reiterated that she sometimes puts on wigs when going for job interviews because she didn’t want the attention to be on her hair but about the purpose for which she was there.

Solace also made it clear that she didn’t become bald for attention or to be a celebrity. Instead, she became bald because she wanted to.

In her final statement, the beautiful black skin model advised ladies especially to always go after their dreams regardless of the negative comments they get.

Watch the full interview below for more;


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