Video: Stephanie Benson lists ways to know a Ghanaian woman is cheating

Stephanie Benson has spilt the beans of how men can identify their Ghanaian woman is cheating on them.

Speaking from experience, it is very difficult to catch any woman cheating on her man, therefore, she has made it easy for men to bust their cheating Ghanaian partners.

“Women are so amazing at being able to hide when they cheat the reason why is a lot of men don’t’ pay attention to the small little stuff,” she said.

Listing some tips to notice a woman is cheating, Stephanie said when a man comes home and the woman serves him food without looking into his face, it is a signal that she could be cheating.

The singer’s comment has sparked a conversation on social media as some users either agreed or disagreed with her opinion. Watch the video below and tell us what you think.




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