(+VIDEO) Stephanie Benson Proves She Still “Got It” Despite Being 53

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Most people start using a walking stick when they reach the age of 50. Some even go as far using reading glasses and popping different kinds of BP pills.

Well it is clear, UK based Ghanaian Jazz musician Stephanie Benson is not part of the lot.

In a latest video posted on her Instagram page, the mother of five is seen “swagging” up to a rock music.

She captioned the video saying that; “who said at 53 you can’t have swag??? It’s not always about TWERKING ohhh..Old school has always been and will always be the best Swag. Let’s all say Amen!!”.

Stephanie Benson has been one of the Ghanaian celebrities who doesn’t follow the status quo when it comes to parenting and relationship. She has been advising young couples on how to spice up their love live and get out of traumatizing relationships.

Watch video below;


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