(+VIDEO) Stop Going To Cook And Clean For Your Boyfriend’s On Fridays, They Will Never Marry You – Gentlemen Advise Women

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Two handsome men have taken it upon themselves to advise young women to stop spending their weekends at the house of their Boyfriend’s all in the name of “wife material”.

Most ladies in Ghana go to their Boyfriend’s place on weekends to cook, clean, wash, and sleep with them. This makes the men feel the women are good to be married off in the future.

But these two men think otherwise. According to them, the ladies who go their Boyfriend’s house on weekends to cook and clean for them are just wasting their time.

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They explained that after they go and wash, cook and clean for these so called Boyfriend’s and leave, they will invite another girl over to come and eat the food and enjoy the clean sheets.

Watch the video below;


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