Video: The Beautiful Gospel Musician Jael Wiafe In A Big “FIGHT”

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Jael Wiafe is said to be arguably the most beautiful female celebrity in Ghana and one of the few gospel musicians, who have songs that inspires the Christian and brings joy and hope.

After her amazing collaboration with International Gospel legend Papa San on their hit single ’Dont Give Up’ , Jael wowed her fans with the song and video #KeepOnBelieving which earned her a nomination as the best female vocal performer at last year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. #KeepOnBelieving is by far one of the most inspirational and motivational songs on the planet with over a million youtube views and still counting.

For a gospel singer from Ghana this is a huge accomplishment. The story of hope Jael portrays in her videos resonates with lots of people. Jael Wiafe is one of the most talented and beautiful music artists we have in our country and she has done it once again by blessing the entire world this time with a brand new single called ‘FIGHT’.

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jael wiafeEverything about the song is perfect. From the vocals to lyrics, the entire production is top notch. The video depicts a story of rejection, heartbreak,bad relationships and the final victory for The children of God. It shows how past traumas even in childhood can affect adult lives and choices.

Jael strongly believes there are manifold blessings awaiting every child of God on the other side of pain if only we believe in God and exercise patience .

This song and video will heal,inspire and bless all who hear and see it. Jael is like no other in the music industry in Ghana because her music and sound is very unique and universal.

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Though ‘FIGHT’ is not a typical Ghanaian song,it will definitely cut across all barriers to bring a sense of empowerment to the listeners.The great thing about Jael is that she is very diverse and her sound is on an international level. She is one of the most creative artists that ever emerged from Ghana and i believe she is a force to be reckoned with.

Jael says ‘FIGHT’ is all about FIGHTING FOR ONE’S LIFE,FIGHTING FOR TRUTH AND most importantly FIGHTING TO HOLD ON TO YOUR FAITH IN GOD no matter the problems we may face in life.


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Produced by Maurice Gregory a member of the iconic reggae band ‘Third World’ and the younger brother of Papa San, this new single ‘FIGHT’ is definitely going to make waves. The well produced video by A.M studios in my opinion is by far her best work to date.




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