Video: The inspiring story of how a trained Ghanaian nurse quit her professional job to do liquid soaps for survival

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Errm for financial freedom in our part of the world, starting a personal business is the ish irrespective of the nature of the venture.

Y’all know that an employee can never become a billionaire especially in Africa where employers don’t give a hoot about employees’ financial sustainability and welfare .

The story of this trained Ghanaian nurse who quit her professional job for obvious reasons to do liquid soaps for survival is no exception to the above painted picture.

The “failed” nurse in an exclusive interview on BrownGH tv noted that working as a nurse and a mother was conflicting, reason she’s put the former on hold.

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She explained that giving birth to three kids years after marriage whiles combing nurturing with the nursing occupation was damn difficult. Besides, nursing doesn’t guarantee freedom comparatively.

To make things easy for her, she vowed to quit the nursing and venture into liquid soaps production with all her might and soul believing that she’ll succeed.

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Gracefully, the rest of the story is now history after bidding farewell with her nursing occupation. However, she reiterated in the conversation that most people advised her not to quit the nursing job.

More importantly, the young woman, who said she has no regrets leaving her nursing job stated categorically that there is a lot of money in her new business compared to nursing.

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