Video: The Two Ghanaian Lesbobo Patrners Who Made Headlines A Few Days Ago Finally Speak

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Recall the two Ghanaian lesbians who made headlines a few days ago when one of them was caught in a viral video begging the other one not to leave her?

In case you missed it, let’s fill you in. Last week, broke the story of two lesbians who were embroiled in a melodrama as one of them threatened to leave the other because she was tired of the relationship and wanted to marry another person of the opposite sex.

The other one was devasted as she knelt down and wept bitterly while reminding her of the recent car she bought for her which is a testament that she can do anything for her hence doesn’t understand why she was quitting their relationship of 5-years.

After the news trended for a while on social media, seasoned journalist Kofi Adoma Nwanwani caught up with the ladies for an exclusive interview. It was during the moment that they claimed whatever was caught on tape was for an upcoming movie and not real.

They also admitted that the buzz the video created was the right kind of hype they needed.

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