Video: The World Is Laughing At Us, Please Do Better – Simi Tells ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ Boys

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Nigerian singer, Simi has taken an entrenched position not to campaign against internet fraud in Nigeria as the country is notorious over the world for internet fraud.

In a video she shared, she condemned the ‘yahoo yahoo boys’ and reminded those in it on the negative impact of their activities on other genuine Nigerians seeking international opportunities.

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Simi is heard saying in her video;

”Guys they are laughing at us. Every other week, in some countries they are arresting Nigerians for fraud. It is breaking my heart the way people are fighting for and advocating for internet crime, come on guys they are laughing at us. They are laughing at us. I am repeating it because I have seen it. Do you know how many Nigerians going into businesses or just even to get the smallest opportunity for themselves and they could not get it because they are Nigerians. That is the only excuse that they get”

Watch the video below:

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