(+VIDEO) Tracy would have advised her husband if she was sensible – Patapaa insults Sarkodie, his mother and Tracy in a fresh interview

Ghanaian highlife musician Patapaa has hurled insults at Sarkodie, his mother and his wife over a line he used in a song he featured several years ago.

Patapaa has been expressing how hurt he is over what Sarkodie said about him while delivering a verse on YPee’s ‘Meye Guy’ remix in 2018.

It looks like Patapaa is not slowing down on insulting the rapper but this time, he extended the insults to his wife.

According to Patapaa, his wife won’t allow him to mention or diss any other artists in his song and he expected the wife of Sarkodie to do the same saying if she was sensible enough, she would have stopped the husband from doing that in the first place.

“My wife would not accept it when I diss Sarkodie in my song. She would ask why I’m mentioning his name. I’m not insulting that girl, I’m insulting Sarkodie. I don’t know his wife.”

When asked to apologize to the wife of Sarkodie, Tracy for dragging her into it, Patapaa said he doesn’t know her and never mentioned her name in their conversation hence there’s no way he’s going to apologize to her for anything.

“I won’t apologise to her because I don’t know her. I can swear. If his wife is wise, she wouldn’t allow Sarkodie to insult me,” he stated.

Patapaa who was angry on the show went ahead to insult Sarkodie and his mother.

Watch the video below;


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