(VIDEO) Woman Busted By Police For Concealing Drugs In Her Hair

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It is weird the sort of risks people are often ready to take in order to make ends meet, and that includes carrying drugs in the most bizarre of manners to places for money.

From swallowing drugs to getting them stitched into people’s bodies and transported to places, we have heard such weird stories and this is in total negligence of the hazards attached to these acts.

People have died as a result but that doesn’t seem to be deterrent enough to people who engage in them for reasons best known to them and their nemesis.

In a video that is making rounds on the internet, a woman has reportedly been busted by the police for concealing what looks like drugs in her hair.

Who would have thought that this could be a way through which illicit drugs are been transported to other places?

I am sure from this, people will begin to suspect women who have so much hair because it has now just been discovered that they could conceal drugs in their hair.

In the video, the woman could be seen with the substance stitched onto her hair in a way that would make you think it is her own hair.

The police, who apparently become suspicious of what the woman had on her head decided to check it out to see what it was, and lo and behold, there in her hair are drugs.

They recovered several rolls of the substance numbering in excess of a hundred rolls.

The video was spotted on the Twitter handle of Instablg9ja.

See the video below;

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