VIDEO: Woman Narrates How Her Husband Want To Divorce Her After Finding Out She Built A Four Bedroom House When He Was Cheating

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A Ghanaian woman trending on social media has disclosed how her husband called her wicked after finding out she built a four bedroom house.

Narrating her story, the woman whose name is unknown disclosed that before getting married, her husband was poor but after marriage, they worked hard and amassed some wealth together.

Unfortunately for her however, her husband used his money to Womanize and change women like the way he changed his clothes. She on the other side used hers to invest in a business which yielded some good profits.

While her husband was still womanising, she decided the money she got from the business to build a four bedroom house and allow her brother manage it.

As fate will have it, her husband lost his job over some theft issues and he could no longer pay for their rent and other bills.

Listen to what she decided to to do to help her husband.


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