Video: Yvonne Nelson & John Dumelo Just Buried The Hatchet

Yipee! John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson have finally reconciled and we are excited about it. We don’t know who called for the reconciliation but we guess it must have been Yvonne since she was the one who caused it.

Yvonne & John used to be the best of friends until Yvonne acted childish by passing a comment that in a way offended John Dumelo. It didn’t go down well with John and was very much surprised someone he calls his best friend would say such a thing to him in the name of politics.

We believe you read about all that, so there’s no need to talk about it again. The good news is, our two favorite celebrities have reconciled and there’s no beef again but then we don’t know of they will still be best friends.

Yvonne posted the video below on her Facebook page. Watch the video below and drop your comments below.

Chris Handler
Chris Handler
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