VIDEO:”Liha Miller Will Have Me To Contend With, If She Misuses Patapaa”-Queen Peezy Warns

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Patapaa’s German wife Liha Miller has to be on her guard to avoid being whipped by Patapaa’s ex-girlfriend Queen Peezy, who warned she will go to Germany and whip her if she doesn’t treat him well and ends up ditching the “one corner” man.

Queen Peezy admonished her to handle patapaa the way she is handling him now, else she is going to face her wrath as she is very much following every activity of theirs.

Queen Peezy revealed that the latest couple in town cook and do various other things together and she would encourage them to continue to maintain that harmony.

According to Queen Peezy, if Liha Milla allows any ex-boyfriend of hers or anybody to surface to relegate Patapaa to the background, she is not going to let her have it easy as she will travel to Germany to whip her very well.

One would have thought that Patapaa has now moved on so why would Peezy still follow him even to the extent of warning his new wife in this way, rather than just allowing them to do their things, but she says she is aware that most of the whites are fond of disrespecting the blacks and so when she gets to find out she is one of those, she should just be ready for her.

She said this in an exclusive interview with GhBaseTV.

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