Video:Pappy Kojo Reveals That He’s Not Got Balls To Talk To Girls

One would think that, because Pappy Kojo is such a handsome young man, he would easily have his way with women but it appears, that is not the case–His ‘mouth die’ rough.

In a new interview he had on YFM to talk about his new song, Pappy Kojo told the host of the show that, he was a shy person and that he can’t approach girls..

The Fante Vandam mentioned that, he’s not dating anyone at the moment and although he’s spotted someone who’s very cute, he can’t seem to approach her to let her know, since he’s very shy and can’t talk with girls.

“I’m not seeing anyone…I’ve seen someone who’s very cute”

He however dropped the bombshell when he was asked why he’s not made an attempt to talk to the cute girl yet.

“I can’t talk to girls oo. The way my mouth die de3, if you heard I was going out with a girl, it was probably because the girl came to me. My mouth die. All the rapping and all are just on tracks…”

Watch the video interview below: