Vili Ngata Death And Obituary : How Did Tongan Tattoo Artist Die?

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Vili Ngata Death still remains a huge  blow to her family. In this write up, we will talk about his cause of death and obituary. 

Vili Ngata was a Tongan tattoo artist from Salt Lake City, Utah.

What to know about Vili Ngata Death ?

May 20th 2023 happened to be one of the darkest moments for the entire family of Vili Ngata. It was the day the Tattoo Artist was pronounced dead.

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When you lose an important figure or personality in a family, it’s undoubtedly a difficult one to take and that is what exactly is happening to the wife, parents and family of Vili Ngata. 

What is Vili Ngata Cause of Death ?

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The exact cause of His death has not been officially communicated to the public. It’s still unknown what exactly led to his death. 

Vili Ngata Obituary 

Vili Ngata’s death has taken many by storm and they have since been expressing their sad feelings and paying tribute to him. 

Plans are currently ongoing for his burial Which is scheduled to take place at Lakeview Mortuary, and later in the day, a Celebration of Life will be held at Publik Coffee Roasters in Salt Lake City.

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