Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Gamer?

People are curious about Viorenita Sutanto’s age and age in Wikipedia. The last team she played for was ONIC Esports, and her name is Viorenita “VIOR” Sutanto.

Being the brand ambassador for the famed ONIC Esports team has given this young star considerable exposure.

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Fans of Esports, particularly male fans who admire Nitavior for her attractive beauty and seductive personality, have been attracted by her presence.

It’s noteworthy how frequently rumours have appeared linking Nitavior to REKT, a well-known player on the Evos Legends team.

The emergence of a relationship between these two avatars has piqued the interest of the gaming community. To find out more about Viorenita Sutanto’s age and Wikipedia information, see this article.

Viorenita Sutanto Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

The Wikipedia page for Viorenita Sutanto and her biography are widely available online. She is a native of Jakarta, Indonesia.

On July 26, 1999, Viorenita Susanto, commonly known online as Nitavior, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She is currently 24 years old. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in finance and banking from Prasetya Mulya University.

Nitavior is a native of Jakarta, but his background is a combination of South Korea and Indonesia.

Her exceptional beauty, which has won the hearts of Esports fans, particularly male fans, may have something to do with her multicultural upbringing.

Bang Bang is an Indonesian Mobile Legends gamer that is well-known on social media. She was a member of the ONIC Esports team.

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She performs dance routines on her Violetorca TikTok account, where she has acquired over 3.5 million followers. She was a commercial model before she began competing in esports.

On her Nitavior YouTube channel, where she has accumulated more than 600,000 subscribers, she posts gaming-related videos. She was discussed on One Esports in an article regarding harmful online communities.

Due to her significant social media presence, her most recent TikTok video routinely achieves hundreds of millions of views in less than a day.

A few of her TikTok videos have also amassed millions of views. Rivaldi Fatah is another esports player from Indonesia.



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