The Most Visited Ghanaian News Websites In Ghana 2018

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People have been asking; which website is the most visited in Ghana? Which website in Ghana gets the most visits in a day and we’ve decided to compile the list of the most visited Ghanaian websites from the list of 100 Most visited websites in Ghana according to–The World’s World Ranking Website.. has been ranking websites in the world for years and although it’s rankings is sometimes wonky, it’s still considered the most factual in the world and it’s what everyone looks up to when they want to know how popular a particular website is.

For purposes of this article, we decided to focus on the most visited Ghanaian websites from the list of 100 most visited websites in Ghana. What this means is that, this article focuses only on websites that appeared in the Top 100 Most visited websites in Ghana. So in the top 100 most visited websites in Ghana, you would find sites like,, etc making it in the websites Ghanaians visits the most and that includes other local sites, so we shrewd off the foreign websites and local websites are not in the news category but the selection came from the first 100 most visited websites in Ghana only.

- Advertisement - has been there for the past 20 years and remains the most visited Ghanaian website in Ghana. They publish almost every kind of content, from politics, world news, entertainment, sports, social issues,  opinions, and almost every other content. It holds lots of authority in Google and ranks for almost every keyword you can think of.–This is the second most visited news website. has been around for just about 3 years and it’s already the second most visited news website in Ghana. We gather it’s owned by a big media group known as Genisis that owns several other websites in other countries like in Nigeria, in Kenya and several others.

- Advertisement -–This is an entertainment news website and has risen very quickly to be the third most visited website in Ghana although it’s been around for a little over 2-3 years. It’s also the most visited Entertainment news website in the country.–Another news website owned by the Multimedia group and is the 4th most visited website in Ghana. has been around for more than 18 years and has gathered lots of Google authority.–This website is owned by Despite Group of Company, owners of UTV, Peace FM, Okay Fm and Neat Fm. This website has also been there for 16 years or more and publishes news stories on politics, sports, entertainment, world news, and other forms of news.

- Advertisement -– Yes, this website is owned by OMG Voice Digital. Before they became, they were known as and rebranded into the Omgvoice we know today with branches in Nigeria,  Kenya and Ghana with plans of entering other African countries. They had a funding of $1 million and that aided the website to grow and expand very quickly. focuses on Curated content for the African millenial.–This website is owned by the owners of Citifm and has been around for 14 years. It’s an all round news website that creates news on politics, sports, entertainment, etc.— is a music download and music news website and remains the number 1 music download website in Ghana currently. It’s been around for 8 years now.–Another old website that creates content around politics, sports, entertainment, social issues, etc and has been around for the past 13 years.–Ghanaians love sports and this website is the most visited sports website in the country. It’s being around for the past 11 years and focuses on reporting on local sports news and international sports news as well.— sits on the 11th most visited news sites in Ghana and the second most visited entertainment blog in the country. remains the country’s favorite entertainment blog and became very popular in 2015 after it broke a series of scandals that involved Asamoah Gyan and Sarah Kwablah, a situation that ended up in court and is still in court at the time of this publication. One of the co-founders of the blog is Chris Handler who also writes for the blog.— has been around for 10 years and still counting and is a hot source for latest celebrity gossips in the country. The site’s Editor, Chris Vincent is popular for his unfettered opinions on national issues.— is also another top news website in Ghana with content across sports, lifestyle, politics, social issues, entertainment, etc and is owned by a large media group known as Ringier which owns lots of internet properties across Africa.–This website is also owned by the Multimedia Group.