Volta Region: Price list of Ashawo in Ho and other top joints drop, netizens react with frenzy 

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A Ghanaian Facebook user, B.K. Aklama has shed light on how the Ho township is fast evolving- which includes the increase in the standard of living and the price of prostitutes. 

Mr. Aklama in trying to fairly balance his article and get the right perspective for it said he approached one of the sex workers at Mirage, a popular area located in Voradep Village, a suburb of Ho — close to the Ho Technical University to know how much they charge.

The ashawo lady told her their price is ₵400 per night. Furthermore, she noted that areas such as KK House, Degash, Alinda Hotel, and other hotspots of prostitution charge as low as ₵50.

A lot of netizens, especially those who hail from Ho and its environs in the Volta Region stormed under the comment section of the post to share their opinion.

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In the meantime, see the post the man shared;

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