‘Voter Registration Exercise Could Lead to Death Due to Covid-19’ – Doctors warn EC

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A group of health personnel made up of doctors, nurses and lab technicians has cautioned the Electoral Commission to apply the brakes of the voters’ registration otherwise there could be mass death in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group argued that health facilities would not be able to handle the cases that would emerge as a result of the mass exercise.

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“In our view, given that the existing biometric register has been used successfully to conduct significant number of elections including two presidential and parliamentary elections, two District Assembly elections since 2012 and a referendum by your outfit in 2018 to create six new regions, we find it plausible that same register will suffice for our impending elections. Those who have recently attained voting age can be accommodated in a special registration exercise with much lower risks due to the fewer numbers,” they stated in a letter.

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