Voters Should Be Given The Choice, ‘None Of The Above’

Ghanaians will go to the polls this November to complete a four year ritual; to vote for legislators and a new president or renew the mandate of the incumbent one. Politics practiced in Africa and particularly Ghana has been nothing but volatile. The airwaves and the media have been awash with inflammatory and derogatory languages aimed at political opponents.

Though I haven’t voted before, (yes! you heard right) I have my opinions relative to topical political issues in the country and I have never on any occasion degraded any person whose opinion differs from mine. I don’t exercise my franchise because none of the so-called candidates embodies selflessness and dedication in my estimation. I know lots of youth have this same mindset. It is the youth who occupy the chunk of the population and if their expectations are not met, it ultimately becomes a recipe for disaster.

Ghana has a very huge potential but we still wallow in extreme poverty because politicians who are to formulate policies that will pave way for our empowerment, are filled with corruption and gross incompetence.

It against this background that I want to single handedly embark on a campaign to influence our electoral process. I want the electoral commissioner, Madam Charlotte Osei to offer voters the opportunity to choose ‘none of the above’ often abbreviated as NOTA on the ballot paper.

Some might find my posture weird since they might say this clamour is purely undemocratic. But wait a minute: why should I form a queue in the scorching sun and vote for someone who’s underserving? This option, if introduced on the ballot paper and utilized well by people who subscribe to my proposition, will send a strong signal to the politicians for a complete retrospection with their political activities.

The recent State Of The Nation Address is a case study. Whilst the president, John Dramani Mahama was beaming with confidence and trumpeting all his achievements, the opposition were busily jabbing him as if in reality Mahama has done absolutely nothing.

Nana Akuffo Addo has not been telling Ghanaians meaningful as to his vision for the country. He only evaluates his chances with the shortcoming of the incumbent government. Mahama on the other claims the Ghana is on the right track, when the reality on the ground smacks anguish.

I must admit the president has done immensely well in some aspect, and the NPP, under the stewardship of ex-president Agyakum Kuffour also contributed his quota to the development of the country. Nevertheless, the incompleteness and corruption they and their appointees committed, has plunged the nation into its current state. Opportunities in this country are few and far between and as citizen of this country I won’t sit back and fold my arms.

This year’s election is almost due so maybe in the next general election, my request might come to fruition.

God bless Ghana.



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