WAEC to introduce QR codes to curb examination malpractice

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The West African Examination Council (WAEC) will be introducing QR codes in each of the question papers of candidate to curb examination malpractice.

According to the council, this move will help to check and possibly do away with the duplication of examination questions and to practically deal with impersonation.

Speaking at the 69th Annual Council Meeting, Chairman of WAEC, Professor Ato Essuman explained how the QR codes will help the council in dealing with examination malpractice.

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“We have a new innovation now, that will track the question papers through the  QR code. Whenever anyone tries running copies of a  question paper, we will be alerted through our server. Each question paper will have a unique code, linked to a candidate’s index number and identification number. We can thus trace the perpetrators.”

Examinations organised by WAEC in recent years have been flawed with several instances of malpractice and the 2020 WASSCE was arguably the worst. Many have suggested that the WAEC is not competent enough to conduct credible examination thus a new body needs to be introduced.

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It was widespread news that candidates were supplied with examination questions and answers long before the commencement of the papers and those who felt the questions were tough went on social media to throw tantrums.

With the cancellation of several papers coupled with WAEC’s decision to withhold a chunk of the results, the council believes fighting examination malpractice effectively will hinge on the introduction of QR codes.



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