Wagyimi A Na Wagyimi – Fameye Insults A Follower Who Asked Whether He’s The Only One Suffering

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Fameye has insulted a follower who criticized him over some of his posts asking whether he’s the only one suffering that he always posts about someone thinking bad for him or doing something bad.

Fameye has been making cryptic posts about how some people use others and the kind of bad things people do to others and this follower of his reacting to one of them criticized him saying they’re tired of these things.

Replying to that, Fameye insulted the follower calling him a f00l saying once a f00l, always a f00l, and another reacting to that called him out for responding to criticisms with insult which is very bad of him.

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Fameye might have his reasons for making such posts and it might not necessarily be what his fans presume it to be but dealing with criticisms by insulting his fans is something he needs to work on as it doesn’t suit him.

tweet below;

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