Wait, Actress Bibi Bright Is No More Filing For A Divorce Like Being Speculated?

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A couple of days ago, there had been several speculations that actress Bibi Bright had caught her husband cheating with another actress hence her marriage had been shaky and that she could end it soon with a divorce.

She had not commented or spoken about the allegations yet and from one of her posts, we thought she actually wanted to proceed with the divorce.

Now in a latest post by the actress, she flaunts her ring big time to prove to haters who have been waiting on her to file a divorce that she probably won’t proceed with the divorce.

If she really wanted to go on with the divorce, she would have taken the ring off by now while she worked on the divorce process.

Anyway, we’re still not sure if the cheating rumors are true and if she is still going to have the divorce since she hasn’t commented on it even though it’s been over a week since this subject evolved.

Take a look at her post below as she flaunts her wedding ring to the world:


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