Wait! KalyBos Is Shooting Shirley’s Blockbuster Movie, Caught on Set With Nikki & Joycelyn Dumas

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My ooo mine! It’s really going to be an exciting one this year. I have already lost count of all the projects Kalybos is working on now.

Kalybos, the only boss with one “s” is all over the place and i just always cant wait to know the new projects he’s been working on. He had earlier said in an interview that he had not been contacted by any film maker but that i guess changed all of a sudden.

In a video Nikki Samonas released recently on her instagram page, Kalybos was really on set with Joycelyn Dumas and Nikki Samonas. From what Ghbase has gathered, we are 100% sure that Kalybos is really acting on one of Shirley’s movies.

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We do not know the full details on which role he is playing, but we are sure is going to be a funny role and we just can’t wait for that movie to come out.

I also have reasons to believe that, the movie in question could be “View Republic” a new series Shirley is working on, as Joycelyn Dumas is part  cast of that series..

I could be right, i broke the news previously about that series and why Shirley had plans of changing the title of the series, read it here.

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Just watch the video below and see your man Kalybos



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