If You Want Your African Boyfriend To Marry You, Wash, Cook & Pamper Him – Hamamat Montia

Hamamat Montia, who is a former Miss Malaika Queen has hinted on the things you need to be doing to get an African man to know that you are ripe for marriage.


Via her Instagram page, The African Tourism Ambassador was giving a white woman a tip on how to woe his Senegalese Boyfriend to propose marriage to her.


The Beauty Queen indicated that an African man would only consider you for marriage if you treat him like a king and take care of his needs. Her list for such roles included cooking for him, cleaning his house and pampering them in a special way just like their mothers would.


Hamamat Montia


Hamamat indicated that African men were sometimes treated differently than African ladies and they wanted that kind of treatment even in their relationships.


Even though the beauty queen admitted that marriage counselling was way out of her league, she was quick to use herself as an example and said if you take up the ‘motherly’ role in the relationship with an African man, he was going to definitely wife you.


She then added that if you cook for your African man and keep his house tidy, you are sure in line to get access to his heart and his ring.


Via Instagram, she wrote:

Happy Friday #KingsandQueens : A little self care before the weekend starts. Thank you for the Dms and emails . Let’s dive right into some questions. This one comes all the way from #Sweden and she says “How do you hint an African man that you are ready for marriage? Well #African men are treated like kings from birth . Their mothers cook for them . They clean for them . They Pamper them , all in a special way. In the African society especially where I am from in Ghana boys are pampered a little differently from girls . For instance boys are served their meals on a table etc while a girl will have to serve herself or go get her food herself. Well I am no marriage counselor but by my own experience I think ones you start taking motherly roles , like taking time to cook his favorite dish or cleaning and keeping his house in order – he will know you are ready . What do think my kings ? How do we hint you ? What tricks worked for you Queens ? Click on the link in my bio to watch it all and don’t forget to subscribe. Skin @hamamatafricanskincare Music @shimza.dj #hamamatafrica #africanbeauty #naturalbeauty #africanskincare #blackbeauty #hamamat