So You Want To Spoil My Market Abi? Juliet Ibrahim Questions The Media

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Can the media stop choosing boyfriends for me? Sexy Ghallywood and Nollywood actress Juliet Ibrahim is still single after her divorce and waiting for some potential suitors.

Juliet Ibrahim got divorced to her husband about a year ago, but news of it was made official weeks ago, has hinted that she is still single and enjoying her single life.

There’s been several reports that she is dating some Nigerian celebrities, a rumour she has debunged each time. Just recently another Nigerian celebrity suspected to be dating Juliet Ibrahim is Bryan Okwara, an actor and also a model. Juliet Ibrahim who was a little bit pissed at attempts by the media to scare potential men away from her posted on her instagram page

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” so the media wants me off the market abi! Abeg let me enjoy my Single life oh please! Don’t drive my potential suitors away just yet! Dis one dat every other month dey wil find me new bf”


juliet ibrahim
In as much as Juliet is enjoying her single life, she’s looking forward to another Romeo & Juliet love escapade that will eventually lead to marriage and is not happy at the frequency at which the media assumes she’s dating a particular person just because she took a picture with them. It’s undeniable fact that, Juliet Ibrahim is gorgeously beautiful and the dream woman of many bachelors out there. I do not know if money is a factor for any suitor to be even considered at all by Juliet. So bachelors, She’s single and searching, although not desperately, go take a shot!


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