I Want To Work As A Residence Producer For Shatta Wale – Willis Beatz

Ever since the career of Ghanaian dancehall act Shatta wale was revived in 2013, he has been producing his own hits songs but for the past few years, the self acclaimed dancehall king has gained some interest working with the Takoradi – based music producer Williams Sarfo known in showbiz circle as Willis Beatz.


The Takoradi-based music producer who has produced a lot of hits songs has revealed that, he is much happy to work with such a great artiste who is taken Ghanaian music to the world because he will also be credited with some benefits. In an exclusive interview with Flex newspaper, Willis Beatz posited that he does not fear working with him even though they are a lot of issues rumored about the dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.


“Shatta wale is a cool person who always wants people around him and has much experience in the music industry and is always ready to teach what he knows as far as music business is concerned. I learn a lot from him as an engineer and I am always glad working with him,” he stated.


Willis Beatz who has produced most of Shatta Wale’s hits songs namely, “Taking Over”,  “Forgetti”, et al expressed his readiness to work as a residence producer for Shatta Wale only if he would be allowed work with other musicians. He added that there are a lot of people who suggest that, we should do things that will help us to overtake the entertainment industry in Africa from Nigerians and South Africans but to him, we can’t over take them due to their population but we should rather do things which will help us to sell the image of our entertainment industry to the world.


Willis Beatz also made it clear that there are many music producers who are going into singing but to him, he doesn’t think he will do that because he is focusing on music production than to be an artiste in the near future, though he appreciates music producers who turn into artiste because it also showcase their talent in music.