War Of Words On Twitter As Lady Accused Of Stealing An iPhone 12 Fires Back

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If there’s any social media network where there’s a relentless war of words among users, it has to be Twitter.

In the latest gist, a lady, quite popular on the platform, @VivianRora, has been called out by another user, @Lydianora_ who claimed Vivian had stolen her boyfriend’s iPhone 12.

@lydianora_, in calling out Vivian for supposedly stealing her boyfriend’s phone tweeted;

”My boyfriend demanded I bring my friends because he was lodging in the hotel with his friends, so I brought 3 of my friends including @vivianrora. Vivian suddenly fell ill and said she wants to go home when she left my Bf noticed his phone was missing

Twitter NG tell her to refund the phone because I’m going to take this spiritually to ijebuode, I mean every word.

Please I am being serious here, I know she is a clout chaser, but please leave sentiment aside. This is real, this girl stole an iPhone 12.”

@VivianRora got incensed by the tweet he couldn’t help but just fire back with quite a damning allegation aimed at Lydia.

Vivian tweeted in reply;

”The man you are calling your boyfriend is a husband to a Nollywood actress. Olosho ogbomosho , The man should come and arrest me. Oh I forgot Uncle don’t want his wife to know about his escapades.”

The war of words didn’t end there.

Lydia called Vivian “a big fool, you are an ungrateful bitch.”

Vivian replied with a threat to sue Lydia for her damning allegations against her.

“Pretty sure you know I’m a lawyer, I will sue you for false accusation. You just messed with the wrong person,” Vivian replied.


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