‘Washing Machine Should Be Banned Because It Makes Women Lazy’ – Facebook User Says

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Modern equipment and home appliances such as washing machines were made to make our life very simple and convenient. Take a look around and see the technological tools which surround us. All these were invented to make life worth living.

Indeed most of these tools make us feel lazy to some extent but that’s how the world has evolved which means they are indispensable. However, this Facebook user with the name, Stanley Ceeben is of the opinion that washing machine should be banned in Nigeria because it makes women lazy.

According to the young man, ever since washing machine became affordable, women now thinks washing their husband clothes with bare hands makes them a slave in the house.

He wrote:

“I think washing machine be banned in Nigeria, it has made many women lazy. Ever since washing machine was introduce and it became affordable, some women now feel washing their husband’s cloths with their bare hands makes them a slave in their own husband’s house.”

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