Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘Washing Utensils Abroad As Source Of Income is Good’- Gospel Musician, Kwaku Gyasi

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Gospel musician, Kwaku Gyasi who trilled Ghanaians with hit songs back in the days has revealed in a new interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central that there’s nothing wrong in doing menial jobs outside for a living.

Kwaku Gyasi said it’s so wrong for Ghanaians to be mocking their friends and family members who wash bowls as a source of livelihood when they travel outside to seek for greener pastures. He contended that so far as the person is engaging in a legal activity, there’s nothing wrong with that.

He also reminded his detractors that he never washed bowls in Canada during his stay that as it was speculated. He said;

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“I want every Ghanaian to understand that if someone has gotten the opportunity to travel abroad and even if things have become difficult to the extent that the person makes a living out of washing cooking utensils, so far as the person doesn’t steal I feel that is much better.

Because the Bible says that the hands that don’t work shouldn’t eat. We should have a positive mindset and stop making mockery of those abroad who do petty jobs to survive. However, when I was in Canada I got the opportunity to further my education and because I’m gifted with the ability to play musical instruments, God didn’t make me do any difficult jobs.

The church that I belong to by the grace of God employed me full time and was paying me as a music director to direct the church choir. At the same time, I took over the music aspects in the church so I wasn’t involved in any menial jobs.

Also in abroad if you don’t do some jobs to help the country, you might not be entitled to certain benefits and documents when the time is due. In all these God kept me active and I was.”


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