Watch how Cina Soul Welcomed KiDi During His Arrival on UTV’s United Showbiz Show

Are these two dating? The impression that was created after KiDi and Cina Soul decided to exchange pleasantries with a touch of romance.

Already, the two are believed to be lovers or admirers of each other. They had publicly confessed their feelings and mutual likeness to each other.

Therefore, Kidi’s decision to kiss Cina Soul on her cheeks as a welcoming gesture on United Showbiz Show last night got many eyes-popping.

The expression on the face of Cina Soul meant a lot especially when she initially turned down Kidi’s greeting gesture where he presented a clutched fist.

Cina Soul’s appearance in KiDi’s music video, coupled with the kiss they exchanged in the “Sugar” movie has given many Ghanaians reasons to believe that they were up for an amorous relationship.

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