Watch: This Kalybos New Video, Is Just Not Funny, But We Love Patri In Bikini

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Another new episode is here and we just couldn’t wait to watch and see what adventure Kalybos would get into now. Now this episode is completely different from all the other episodes we’ve watched soo far, unfortunately, its unfunny! Yeah, maybe it’s just me but of all the videos i have watched of Kalybos, this is the only one i watched without laughing out loud, i did not see the usual Kalybos, and ummmm, well, it’s just me.

Although, this episode is not really funny, we couldn’t take our eyes of the sexy body of Ahouf3 Patri, she looks raunchy in those Bikinis. I am happy the crew used a different location and concept altogether, with their underwater shooting, well, i guess they want us to know they’ve got water-proof cameras tooo!

For me, this video is not really funny, and they could have done a good job, if they had ended it well, the beginning was OK, but i had to ask myself, whether the time had not come for me to laugh, then it ended! I hope, they re-make it or in their next episode, they give really take that into account, anyways, do enjoy the video below

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