Watch The Music Video For Edem’s ‘Gbevu’

So guys here’s the music video for Edem’s ‘Gbevu’ incase you have not had the chance to watch it yet since it was dropped. I am not the typical blogger who reviews music videos but I didn’t find this music video exciting watching it and I feel the director, Pascal AKA did a bad job on this video.

Don’t know if they were on some really really low budget but then there’s really no concept the location he chose was extremely bad. If he wanted a place with sand, he could have chosen the beach. I don’t know what that flat painted wood on the floor is really doing–Perhaps to prevent Edem’s shoes from getting dirty.

The whole area is already sandy.  I was going to talk about the fire lamps they created but I have no idea, why they had to use in during a day shoot–maybe it has something to do with the word ‘GBEVU’

There were too many people in the music video and they made the whole thing very dull because they were really not doing anything special.

Ummmm, anyways I mentioned I was not reviewing it. Watch the music video below tho and share your sentiments with me in the comments box. ( If you are an Edem fan, please do make your point without any insults–Thanks)

Written By Chris Handler

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