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Now this is one of the many reasons why i love Ghana soo much. There is soo much humour in the country, and i think it’s a good one because it helps to ease down the stress the current economic hardship is lashing out on some of us. I used some because, it’s not everyone who feels the hardship, especially the “yaanom fuo” I hope you know those am talking about, i did not mention any names.

Moving from there, i love talents and i have seen the works of this young man and he is as good as wine. Surprisingly, i never knew he could also do animated videos, until i came across this short funny video. Tales of Nazir.

Nazir is a young fictional animated character who is tired of the hustles of this life and in episode one makes a phone call to heaven to complain to Jesus to report Mahama and Angel Gabriel. In the video Nazir also pleads with Jesus to allow Boko Haram to release the girls and come kidnap some politician and you would laugh at the hilarious reply.

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You should get some laughing jaws before watching this video and please don’t take it too personal. You might want to contact Loius for some neat Graphic designs and animation, then click here, and you would believe me when i say he is an exceptional artist.

Watch the video below:

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