(WATCH) The Sticky Substance On Efia Odo’s Face In The Morning That Got People Talking

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Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo is much loved by her fans apparently because of her openness as she will stop at nothing to fill them in on whatever she does.

She has the tendency to show skin at times and guys normally go haywire whenever she does that.

On Friday, Efia Odo posted a video of herself, presumably after she had just woken up to get started for the day.

In the video was an unusual sticky substance on her face that had many people guessing what that could possibly be.

Given that she is capable of doing anything or showing anything to her fans, many are saying that what was seen on her face could be the starchy liquid that a man normally deposits into the womb of a woman that begins the process of production.

Well, we cannot pinpoint what that is, we believe you’re in the position to draw your own conclusions after watching the video she posted.

Share with us what you think it is and we will be glad to know too.

Watch Efia Odo’s video below;



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