Watch Trailer: Prince David Osei’s ‘Nana Means King’ Is Set To Premier This November In Ghana

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When Prince David Osei is in any movie, you can trust that the A-List actor, would make the movie an intriguing one to watch.

Sometime last year, informed you about a movie titled “Nana Means King” in which Prince David plays the main character of a betrayed Ghanaian working illegally in the United Kingdom who lost everything-including HOPE.

The movie was directed by Nana Obiri Yeboah and written by Jeff Wood and Lucy Delaat. ‘Nana Means King’ pushes extreme destitution against hope in a web where the past serves as an inescapable prison, unless the true key to the prison door is found.

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But would Kwame who has lost everything he lived for and believed in, even have the WILL to escape from his past?

In ‘Nana Means King’; Nana Kwame, a Ghanian illegal immigrant working in the UK who lost everything to betrayal, finds himself launched on a personal odyssey of self-discovery. Stripped of nearly all material possession, a place to live, and even his dreams of glory, Kwame must now find his way through the unfamiliar terrain of the displaced and invisible.

It is in this hour of darkness that his life takes an unexpected turn. When he is most vulnerable, Kwame finds beauty and love growing in the concrete wasteland. Though the mirror that is Shauna, he quickly realises that the past can be a prison we create for our own minds. It is only by helping to free Shauna from her prison that Kwame is eventually freed from his own.

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‘Nana Means King’ is set to premier this November in Ghana and will give you an update on the exact release date and give you an opportunity to win free tickets for this movie.

Watch the trailer below for ‘Nana Means King’

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