Watch Video: Another Sekz Tape From Tamale & It’s A Big Musician There Chopping Her Down|Craziest Position

We just don’t know when these people are going to stop, it appears as though, they are in a rift competition to prove that, they have really chopped someone down. has been furnished with an eye-popping video of a Tamale based Musician popularly known as Tuba Dagomba but known in real life as Basit Zakara  is seen chopping down a woman in the most passionate way.
The source tells that, the musician who recorded the sex tape with an iPad, did not leak it himself. According to him, someone stole the iPad and leaked the video and that he had no intention of leaking it.
So, why then did he  make one?  Anyone who makes a sekz tape has a sole purpose -to prove to someone or people that they have actually chopped down someone, because that could be your only prove.
In the video, the musician is seen chopping down the woman in the famous doggy style from start to finish and at s
ome point, he just had to lean back for the woman to be  bouncing back and forth on his langalanga.
He must be really talented in bedmatics and one can learn one or two moves from his leaked sekz tape.
 In as much as the artiste is claiming that his iPad was stolen, we have a strong believe that he is a BLOODY LIAR! Any body who uses Apple Gadgets knows that, once your device is stolen, there is a way to block it to prevent anyone from using it  and everything stored on it can even be erased easily. I personally believe that, Tuba leaked his own sekz tape as a publicity stunt and is just playing the innocent dude that his iPad got stolen. Why? Throughout the video, we never saw the face of the woman he was chopping, and with most sekz tapes, recorded by men, we always see the face of the woman and mostly not the man if they had not agreed to make one. In his case, we see only his face, why? He probably wanted to do something that could generate lots of attention and sekz tapes do, which is why he used it to his advantage.
Tuba Dagomba who was with Last Two entertainment alongside Sarkodie, Ayigbe Edem and others, has been recording since the early 2000’s. Tuba Dagomba, has worked with many musicians including Samini, R2bees, D-Flex and Blakk Rasta.
Watch the video here: (Viewer Discretion Is Advised)


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