Watch Yourself Before You Talk About Me – Ghanaian Crossdresser Akwasi Kadarhsian

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Ghanaian crossdresser Akwasi Kadarshian, Ghana’s very own Bob Risky has said his piece of mind in a recent interview with Ghbase TV.

The lifestyle of the crossdresser which is not normal in our local settings, has caused many to backlash and say I’ll things about him.

In his interview with our very own Adwoa, really freed his mind regarding how some think he is g@y and bash him due to that.

Akwasi Kadarshian said most of these people who bash him are doing worse things like sleeping with dogs, sleeping with their brothers and sisters and doing the worse abominable things yet forget all that and come to talk about him.

He said before they come and talk about his lifestyle and diss him, they should watch themselves and watch the things they do before descending on him. However he also debunked rumors about him being gay.

Video below;


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