“We are better than you are” – Akans and Ewes clash on social media over which ethnic group is superior; concerns over discrimination raised

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Two notable ethnic groups in Ghana, the Akans and Ewes have renewed what can be described as a social media brawl over which group is superior to the other.

This development comes on the back of a statement made by Citi FM journalist Caleb Kudah after he was sent to the office of the National Security that he had to deny that he was an Ewe to escape from being beaten.

Following that, Ewes on social media are beginning to voice their concerns over what they describe as ingrained discrimination exercised towards them by Akans who believe they are superior.

The Akans also believe the Ewes are accusing them wrongly since they do not discriminate against them but it is simply because the latter group believes everybody hates them and that has resulted in an inferiority complex.

While this back and forth between Akans and Ewes has historical precedence, it may not be right for a nation that has touted itself as a Unifying force on the continent to have two groups fight and argue over who is above whom.

While the Ewes brag about how beautiful and intelligent they are, the Akans also brag about their resources and their influence in Ghana.

The Ewes are raising serious concerns over discrimination from Akans who deny them marriages, jobs and opportunities with the preconceived notion that they are “bad people”.

This, the Ewes believe, does not augur well for ethnic tolerance since the discrimination they suffer cuts across all spheres and sectors of life and, in recent times, have been worsened by politics.


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