“We are seeking a second opinion on Josephine’s pregnancy claims”-ACP Kwesi Ofori

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The Ghana Police Service has announced that they are seeking a second opinion on the case of the missing but found pregnant Josephine Mensah although they had stated in their official statement that, initial investigations and medical examinations proved that, the woman was never pregnant as the husband, family members and neighbours have stated and continue to insist.

Josephine’s story has sparked a public debate and interest since she reappeared on September 21 after being announced missing on September 17 after she didn’t return from a routine walk on the 16th of September, 2021.

ACP Kwesi Ofori speaking in an interview with Citi News, monitored by Ghbase.com disclosed that the police are relying on the medical expertise of other health officials to unmask the situation as to whether Josephine was truly pregnant or not.

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“In dealing with such cases that border on forensic, scientific and other medical examinations, we rely mostly on experts and this is the case where the lady was sent to the medical centre at Axim which is the best practice for the police to follow having discovered her.”

“Police after listening to the court of public opinion advised the medical team to conduct a thorough examination regarding the pregnancy and alleged birth and doctors of good knowledge and competence conducted their investigation and gave a formal report to the police that there was no sign of pregnancy or giving birth and as such, they concluded that matter… The police took her again from Axim government hospital to the European Hospital and the lady is presently on admission looking out for a second opinion.”

The ACP added that the police are getting another health facility to run tests and wouldn’t mind even running more tests at another one even after the second one and are determined to get to the bottom of this and if it’s important for them to rely on even Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, they would.

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According to ACP Kwesi Ofori, owing to the contention, the police are seeking a second opinion at another health facility and will not hesitate to seek a third opinion or even employ the services of the country’s premier health facility, the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital to conduct tests to ascertain the claims of her alleged pregnancy.

“We have employed and deployed all facilities necessary for us to establish the truth through a fair and impartial mechanism. The opinion of the doctors should be respected. The second opinion that is about to come out should be respected… We will rely on the experts and not what people say regarding this technical issue. Even if it is a third opinion, the police will do it at the apex hospital, being the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.”

ACP Ofori also urged the public to respect the professional views and reports of the medical experts tasked to handle the situation.

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When the story of Josephine’s appearance in Axim on September 21, several rumors had been flying around on Social media with some suggesting that ritualists took the baby from her and that there were several other pregnant who had also been kidnapped.

Ghbase.com will be monitoring this story and would be bringing you all the updates on it.

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