“We can build this country with or without political office”–NPP’s Dr.Oko Boye concedes defeat in Ledzokuku constituency

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Dr. Oko Boye, MP for Ledzokuku has conceded defeat in the 2020 Parliamentary elections and has congratulated his rival, Ben Ayiku of the NDC.

The Doctor who was hoping to retain his seat in the constituency lost by 1,866 votes, making Ben Ayiku the winner in the constituency.

Dr. Oko Boye
Dr. Oko Boye–Ledzokuku MP 2016-2020

With some MPs challenging the results from their constituencies after losing, it’s very humbling to see the honourable Doctor conceding defeat and also stating that, we can all build this country with or without a political office.

His post on Facebook read:



NPP 54072

NDC 55938

I am grateful to my constituents for the opportunity to serve them in the past four years. Congratulations to Ben Ayiku, the Ledzokuku MP elect.In all things we give him thanks. Let’s build this country together with or without political office for it is our efforts now that will create the Ghana we desire for our children and children’s children.

I thank you all for the well wishes

His defeat is however not shocking as that constituency, Ledzokuku is known for not retaining their MPs as they vote for a different party after every 4 years.

Some comments on Social media have suggested that Dr. Oko Boye lost because of his implantation of strict Covid 19 rules in the constituency during the time, the voters there, mainly GAs were celebrating the Homowo.

His post received heart-warm comments after he conceded defeat.

Some read:

Jonathan Kofi WayoYou’re not down Dr .the Ghanaian youth love and appreciate you.

Fred Adjei:

Congratulations honourable you faught a good fight. I haven’t met you before but i admire your communication skill. When i heard that you have lost the elections, nearly wept. But God knows best. I pray that God almighty will usher you into new great opportunities. God bless you sir.

Perry Kwame Sirlee:

You will forever be in my mind for your great communication skills, I really enjoy your communication skills and the way you debate on political issues. Thank you sir for your good works for this dear nation, AMA Ghana will never forget you for your good works. Hero of our time sir, i will keep on praying i meet you.

Gracelyn Annang:

Wao I salute you Sir you are indeed a leader. You did your best for Ghana and served your people whole heartedly. You have won the hearts all well meaning Ghanaians. We are very proud of you.

Ernest Ansong:

Teshie people hate development

I lives in your constituency and i am a witness to all the roads you’re constructing. Pls dont give up, contest again and you will become MP again in 2024



NPP 54072

NDC 55938


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