We can still marry next year — Man tells ‘serious’ girlfriend hours after he married another woman

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A lady named Salma has been rendered heartbroken after the man she gave out her all to, thinking they could get married and start raising a family.

The young man apologized for leaving the entire day during the discussion while revealing how he was ‘made’ to marry his own cousin.

However, he demanded that they get married the following year and stated that marriage to his cousin was required by family obligations.

Sharing the snapshots, the embattled lady wrote, “My heart is so heavy right now 🥺🥺 I Don’t even know how to go through this😭💔💔.”

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Meanwhile, days after we shared a video of a teenage girl who literally cried a river because her boyfriend has dumped her for another lady, we have laid our hands on similar footage depicting a young lady lumped within the same ‘broken heart’ bracket.

This girl herein could not fathom why her man shredded her fragile heart into pieces despite giving out her all to the relationship.

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She rhetorically asked if relationships and all the investments that go into it is worth it after all following the heartbreak she suffered. She emotionally said, amidst tears, that the guy had no mercy on her and consequently broke her heart into irreparable pieces.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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