We had no money for transport- Shatta Wale’s manager tells Faila over failure to come Tamale to support her

Days after Failatu Abdul Razak expressed her disappointment regarding Shatta Wale’s absence in supporting her cookathon quest, despite publicly announcing his intention to do so, the management of Shatta Wale has issued a response.

In a surprising turn of events, Sammy Flex, Wale’s manager, provided an explanation that can only be described as ridiculous for Wale’s inability to participate in the history-making cooking marathon, which is currently awaiting validation from Guinness World Records officials.

According to Wale’s manager, he was exhausted from numerous performances during the Christmas period and was advised to take a two-week rest.

Additionally, he mentioned that Wale was unable to gather the necessary funds to support his venture, which also intended to accompany him to Tamale.

According to Samm yFlex, considering the spontaneous nature of the visit, Wale decided not to go at all, as all his associates wished to join him.

Blogger SoCalledCelebs shared a video of Sammy Flex speaking about the issue and captioned it:

“Wale management team can talk more than gbeee himself 🤣. The manager said that…Faila mentioned three artists’ names, and that’s Stonebwoy, Shatta, and Sark for not reaching out to her, but the whole Ghana is mentioning Shatta cux he is the biggest artists .

Point of correction… Stonebwoy is the one everyone is mentioning, and that one kraaa not in a negative way….he also said that…Shatta was the busiest artist who was booked during Christmas and the new year…please that part too is not true boss 😹. We all saw the busiest artists. He said…. Shatta needed two weeks’ rest for the hard work. Na s3 he didn’t go to any place oooo boss , he is always home sleeping and swimming at night 🤣 he is even tired of resting oooo. 3na he releases songs each day, so it makes him tired…oh! Na s3 under the shower kraaa…whatever come to his head…he only add b£at to it ooooo. Wei nso adwuma b3n na 3w) mu oooo 🤷‍♀️.

Lastly, Shatta needed more funds to organise his visit to the Tamale because he was supposed to come with the team and the transportation was gonna cost them and since it was unplanned trip ….they couldn’t prepare for it in financially 😆. Oh boss…ma s3 gbeee issa billionaire ooooo….eeiiish! Tamale mpo na )ka mu yi na Canada trip with a whole team like what Stone did ….eiii 3ne3 anka gbeee will sell his house including my shoe oooo … oh, okay, yyy….we respect ur reason ooo.”


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