We made our first $1,000 on Youtube with Ghbase TV

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So if you clicked on this link to read this article, just know that it was written by me, Chris Handler, the owner of popular entertainment blog www.ghbase.com— I know, I just feel I should get my name in your mind as well…lol

So Ghbase.com as an entertainment blog has been running officially since July 2014 and it all started as some means to make just some 500ghc a month to get through University—I wish I could tell you the full story but perhaps another time.

So at the time, we started the blog, we had a Youtube channel but we were not aggressive with it. I mean we didn’t post videos there frequently like we do with stories on our website.

Occasionally, we would go to some movie premiere or event, take videos and upload but we were not consistent, it got to a point even for months we never posted any videos.

Fast forward to  November 2019, I have heard of my colleague bloggers cashing out big on YouTube and most of them had started their own channels years even after I had created mine—The difference was, they were serious with it and I wasn’t.

So I noticed videos were the next thing, I quickly rented office space in Madina, hired a video editor, and put together a team.

As at November 2019, I think we had just about 3.6k Subscribers and when I checked my channel it has been de-monetized, so I had to make the fixes by deleting some unoriginal videos and by the time we got monetised again, the lockdown came, so we had to close for about 3 months.

During that period, we monetised some of our videos on Facebook Instream Ads and although the money was not bad there, Facebook kept monetising and de-monetizing us, so it became very difficult relying on that stream of income for our videos.

Then in June, with the help of my editor, we hired Adwoa Perppy—We started with English content and at the end of July we had made just $14.54 with just 357 new subscribers.

What? I was shocked but I told myself it was our first month after starting again so will wait and try. I was spending 6,000ghc paying salaries alone for the video team which was made of just 3 people— An editor/Cameraman, a presenter and production assistant.

I don’t intend to make this article too long so let me just jump straight to the figures.

July: $14.52

August: $14.31

September: $20.87

October: $151.37

November: $438.59

So you’ve seen the progress then in December we made $1001.91 and I was soo excited—I mean not that it was enough but I knew at least, I was going to save some 5,800ghc in salaries for the video team.

I had hope and realised the hardwork was beginning to pay off, so I gave the team Christmas bonus of Ghc1,000 each.

We had moved from just about 4,000 subscribers in July to 24,000 subscribers at the end of the year and although we had wanted to get at least 50K, we were super excited of the progress.

People make much more on the video-sharing platform and I’m confident my investment will pay off.

Everyday we learn something new—The kind of stuff people want and each time, we get people bashing us for not speaking in English and we are trying to figure a way to solve that.—We were getting less views with English, but when we switched to local language Twi, we got better.

People are also beginning to notice our content—I remember back then when we post a video, not a single like or comment but we kept pushing.

We want to do better and are working on bringing on more video content, different hosts and more fun.

We intend to become one of the biggest news channels in Ghana by the end of 2021 but we can’t do that without your support.

Often times, most people do not want to subscribe because they feel, they are giving you money, but they forget we also help with the unemployment situation in Ghana and contribute to the economy.

Our company is registered, so we pay taxes, we pay salaries, rent an office space, buy data and a lot.

If not for anything, once we get more subscribers, it means we can hire more people.

Our blog for instance has 7 writers, we pay every month, that means we’ve employed 7 people and our video team is 3 now, so in all our company has a staff strength of 10.

When we grow bigger, it means we could get to 50, then to 100 and increase in salaries and all these people have families that rely on.

So, would you be part of our success story? Just follow this link and Subscribe to our channel, Ghbase TV and share this article for us with your friends.

For complaints, suggestions send me an email chris@ghbase.com.

Thanks for reading.

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Chris Handlerhttps://www.ghbase.com
I'm the co-founder of this BLOG! I would become a Banker but then in Level 200, I started making money when I started blogging and realised, this sh*t could make me much more so I became a full-time blogger--yeah and at least I'm trying cos I have also employed 10 people now to help me run this site.---Imagine if I had ended up as a banker...LOL Hit me up to hire me for gigs. Email: chris@ghbase.com or info@ghbase.com | Calls & Whatsapp: 0546193019

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