We Need Investors to Compete Nigerian Musicians- Article Wan

Multi-talented singer Article Wan has divulged that it’s about time wealthy people in Ghana invested in Ghanaian musicians.

Article Wan has revealed that Nigerian musicians are not doing anything better than them, the only difference is that they have the means to invest a lot in their craft.

“Nigerians are dominating the Afrobeats market, and the truth is that Nigerians have massive investment, which has made their music very loud. We are doing our best, but we don’t have that level of investment”, he said.

According to him, Nigerian musicians are louder than Ghanaian musicians because, unlike Nigerian musicians, Ghanaian musicians use the little money that they have to fund their activities.

“Most of the Ghanaian artists fund their activities, so it is even difficult to compare the two countries”, the musician said.

He added that there are a lot of good musicians in Ghana; the mainstream and the upcoming ones, however, they are not noticed because they do not have the funds to invest in their craft.

“There are a lot of good acts in Ghana, including the upcoming ones that are left to rot in Ghana because of the lack of support. But even with the investment, you need a touch of grace to still make it out there,” he stated.


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