We need to be specific on what needs to be fixed – Medikal to #FixTheCountry protestors

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Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, has asked a section of the #FixTheCountry protestors that is calling on the government to fix the country to be specific in what they ask for.

Lauding the #FixTheCountry campaign, Medikal questioned what exactly needs to be fixed.

The #FixTheCountry hashtag is to draw the government’s attention to the unemployment situation in the country coupled with other unfulfilled promises.

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Some unhappy Ghanaians are still venting their frustrations over what many describe as a failure on the part of successive governments to improve the lives of the citizenry.

Mostly made up of the youth, tens of thousands of posts have been made on social media highlighting some of these inadequacies.

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According to Medikal, the problems in the country are many, so they have to be strategic when calling out the government.

Medikal in his post stressed that the campaigners should horn on what needs to be fixed one after the other.

He tweeted: “We all want the country fixed, but what and what exactly? We need to be specific. We can strategically hit hard on each and every issue one after the other in order to see change drastically sake of the problems plenty rough!”

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