“We shall not relent until the Anti-LGBTQ Bill is passed” – Sam George promises Ghanaians

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Ningo-Prampram MP Sam George has stated that he has been motivated by the plaudits from Ghanaians to see to the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill which criminalizes activities of Lesbian, Gay et al in Ghana.

According to him, he is impressed by the support Ghanaians have shown him in recent days following his championing of the passing of the Bill together with other MPs from his side of the political divide.

In a tweet, Sam George said despite the setbacks and counterarguments, he together with other like-minded MPs are truly motivated and pumped up by words of encouragement from Ghanaians to see to the eventual passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill.

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the work we are doing with #TheBill. The messages, calls and prayers are deeply appreciated. We shall not relent. We shall prevail. #LionBorn #HyeWonHye #SaveOurAlphabets #PassTheBill


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Sam George has been in the news since the dawn of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill where he has been making arguments and salient points in favour of why he believes activities of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual et al must not be given a place to fester in Ghana.

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In his recent interview with CNN, Sam George proved once again why he felt and thought the passing of the Bill will inure to the benefit of the citizenry. He maintained that the nation was behind him and other MPs to safeguard the culture of Ghana and to promote morality across all levels.

On the other hand, others have made calls for the suspension or otherwise review of the Bill since they feel it infringes on the rights of citizens to choose and practise the sexuality they prefer. In the coming days, parliament will be looking forward to debating on the Bill…weighing the pros and cons and finally deciding on whether to get it passed or not.

Until then, Sam George has given Ghananains his words that he remains unshaken in his quest to see to the passing of the Bill with his source of energy drawn from the support Ghanaians have given him so far.


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